Our Mission

B. Sage Studios is a lifestyle retail company on a mission to create artistic products that inspire others, support indie-makers by selling and connecting their crafted products to people, and carrying products that are ethical and sustainable. We give customers a place where they can feel good about shopping while living a stylish lifestyle. 

Where B. Sage Began

B. Sage Studios started off as the brainchild of founders, Bianca Sage Gery and Ryan Tackett, in 2012 to sell jewelry and other various products designed by the two. Trials and experimentations built up to the birth of B. Sage’s signature product, the Painting Pendant. In 2015 the business was finally set in stone, and the husband-and-wife team began travelling around Ohio and parts of Indiana to craft shows, farmer’s markets, and community festivals selling their one-of-a-kind handmade Painting Pendants.
The idea of B. Sage Studios was to not only produce their own jewelry designs, but to expand what the company would produce, along with carrying products designed and made by other indie makers. With backgrounds in fine art, both Bianca and Ryan felt a passion to create a lifestyle brand that could house and support other indie artists while connecting with like-minded customers. 

Where B. Sage is Today

Late 2016, B. Sage opened its first retail location as a holiday pop-up shop. With the opening of the store, the company was able to once more expand their product offerings into boutique-style clothing, a long-time dream of Bianca’s. 
Then something happened. 
During the time of the pop-up store, Bianca and Ryan began to learn more about how the retail and fashion industry really worked. After the store closed, the two re-evaluated several aspects of their business. Even though the company had many small successes up to this point, there was still something that didn’t feel quite right. Over and over again the two came into contact with the saturated, hyper-trendy boutique fads and the destructive behaviors of mega-retail companies. A sense of heaviness plagued Bianca as she was constantly reminded of everything she didn’t want the company to be, but felt the daily pressure of conformity in order to succeed. She didn’t want B. Sage to be another cookie-cutter boutique consumed by the churning cycle of the fast-fashion industry.

Fast-fashion is the approach of creating clothing as quickly and cheaply as possible, setting low prices, and encouraging consumers to buy in large amounts, only to throw away the garments a few years later.

The couple began to realize the amount of irresponsible consumerism in today’s society and decided to say “NO MORE!”. The company now sees its mission to be a triangle of social responsibility.  

Social responsibility is an ethical framework that suggests we all have an obligation to act for the benefit of society as a whole.


Our Responsibility

Though we like to sometimes think we are superheroes, we aren’t perfect. However, we are taking the steps to become a better and more ethical company. We have begun adding products to our shop that have different levels of sustainable and ethical characteristics. Some products may fit into one point and others will fit into all three points of our mission. We’ve done our best to describe how the products fit into our mission and philosophy in the product descriptions. 

Our Promise to Our Customers, Our Makers, Our Planet 

Our promise is to keep searching for the best products and practices that fit our mission. We will work towards educating not only our customers, but ourselves on social, global, and economic responsibility.

Our Products for Our Customers

B. Sage's main focus is to carry original designs, items made by other indie makers, and ethical products. We focus on craftsmanship and how the products can better the world we live in. 
Instead of hyper-trendy clothing, we believe in providing collections that are fashion-forward, but still stay true to classic elements of design. The clothing we have can become everyday staples in your closet that you will want to wear over and over again. Our artisan products are unique and many are one-of-a-kind due to their handmade nature, giving our customers a truly unique selection of products. We want to provide products our customers believe in and can feel good about.
When you shop with us, you are helping to sustain craftsmanship, the livelihoods of our indie makers, and supporting ethical based production.

About the 3-Point Mission


B. Sage Studios Signature Designs

Behind the Collections
    Many of B. Sage’s signature designs are made with fine art in mind. The Painting Pendants, which is what the company is most known for, are created directly from original abstract paintings made by founder, Bianca. The paintings are destroyed, then rebuilt into one-of-a-kind pendant necklaces and earrings.
 This method is derived from the concept of metamorphosis in which Bianca has focused on by way of her artwork over the years. Beautiful things are born/made, die/destroyed, then reborn/reconstructed into something else just as lovely. 

Our Indie Makers

Artisan Collections
With art being the heart of the company, B. Sage Studios seeks out other indie artists and designers. Art and design makes up the world around us, so it’s important to sustain hand-crafting and generate income for these individuals who make our world beautiful. 
Coming from art backgrounds, the company’s owners know how challenging it can be to live a lifestyle where being an artist is the main way of life. B. Sage Studios acts as a house for indie artisans to showcase their different skills of craftsmanship. 

Ethical and Sustainable

Fair Trade and the Environment 
Too many of the clothes we wear daily are made in the fast-fashion industry where unethical ways of manufacturing take place. With a constant pressure to put out new styles of clothing each week of the year, these fast-fashion companies have amped up their production faster than ever before. They also do everything they can to cut corners on expenses due to wanting to keep their pockets deep and the demand to create low-value prices for customers.
By producing our own products and working with individuals who hand-make their own items, B. Sage can have a more hands-on approach to ensuring these products are being made fairly. We do our best to seek out other ethical clothing companies that line-up with our philosophy. We also offer a highly curated selection of pre-loved and vintage clothing, which is one of the most sustainable things we as consumers can do for our environment.
All of this helps B. Sage Studios to focus on being a company that stands up against the negative impacts on people and the environment, and gives our customers a place where they can feel good about shopping.